The Practical Guide to Becoming a Great GM

Created by Guy Sclanders

250+ pages packed with all the tools you need to begin & master the GM journey!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

10.22.22 Practical Guide Update
8 days ago – Tue, Jan 11, 2022 at 12:34:41 AM

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year to those who celebrated it. I've just got back into the office today, and have been doing the usual catch-up. We have been working in the background and I'm happy to report on the following:


We've had just under half of all the NPCs submitted for the NPC cards, and I have to say - they are wonderful! 

If you did not receive the NPC Submission email, but PURCHASED AN NPC CARD ADD-ON, please send me an email: urgently. For whatever reason, the emails logged on Kickstarter do not seem to correlate. 

Artwork will begin this week on the NPCs and in the next update you may get a preview of that NPC art. 


The Practical Guide came back from the editor with the final edits on the basic draft. However, the editor - our most excellent editor - made recommendations for chapter alignment and adjustments and some additional text to be added which I'll be doing this week and next week. 

Once those are done the final text goes to the editor again for a final once-over before the entire document is sent to layout. 

As soon as that happens, I'll continue reworking Epic Campaigns which will take me into February. 


We're hoping to have the NPCs artwork finished by the end of February and at the same time the artwork for Epic Campaigns will begin towards the end of February (once the re-edit is complete). That is expected to finish by mid-April and then layout. 


We remain on track for our timelines and delivery dates. The unknown at this point is the availability of paper for printing which remains under pressure and will remain an unknown until we can give the printers a final page count which only happens after layout. 


From the middle of January moving forward we're going to launch the Practical Guide to becoming a Great GM YouTube series. This will be working through the book step by step in the form of a series of videos. Find the channel at 

Until next months update,

Happy gaming!


Guy and the team

14.12.21 Mini-update for NPC Claim Add-ons
about 1 month ago – Wed, Dec 15, 2021 at 08:34:05 PM

Hey folks, 

Small update: 

Thanks to the generous time and efforts of a backer of this project, I have now sent out the NPC Claim submission forms to the correct people. You should check all your folders in your email system as the email contains links to files you'll need and a PDF attachment. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding, 


13.12.21 NPC Claim Emails
about 1 month ago – Mon, Dec 13, 2021 at 11:22:20 PM


If you have recently received an email from us about claiming your NPC Card, please know that the system seems to have bugged out (OK, I screwed up) and some folks got the email, and others did not. And some folks got the email who did not have the NPC as an Add-on. 

If you got the email and had not included the Add-on, please ignore the email, laugh at the old man who got confused by technology, and enjoy your day. 

If you got the email, and have indeed included the Add-on, please fill in the form and continue on. Also, please ignore any new emails that may arrive tomorrow once I've sorted my... technical skills out. 

If you paid for the Add-on, and did not get the email, calm down, stop ranting and plotting to overthrow the goblins, I will be sending out the email tomorrow with all the details. 

And if you didn't get an email, and didn't get the Add-on, smile and enjoy your day! And thank you for reading this far!


Guy, the great GM, but totally useless Excel Spreadsheet User. 

13.12.21 - PDFs, NPCs, and year end
about 1 month ago – Mon, Dec 13, 2021 at 10:48:39 PM

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing as well as possible and getting in your gaming time!


You may have seen some updates about the PDFs 'going out' to some folks. This was the Add-On PDF of The complete guide to Nautical Campaigns and the The complete guide to creating Epic Campaigns Original Version - and was only for the folk who purchased those PDFs as add-ons

The PDF of The Practical Guide to Becoming a Great GM does not yet exist, although we are working as hard as possible to make it happen, we expect that PDF to only be available in April 2022. Believe me when I say, when that PDF is ready to go to everyone, you will all know it, as it will be an amazing celebration for us all!

If you bought the Nautical Campaigns or Epic campaigns PDF and have not yet received a download link, please send us a message. 

NPC Cards

To the 90 backers who purchased an NPC Card, I am working to get an email sent to you today that contains all the information you need to submit your NPC for the NPC Card Collection. If you purchased an NPC Card Add-On, and have not heard from me by the end of the week please contact us via message here. 

Year End

The year is drawing to a close and I will be taking a break over the festive season. To give you a summary update on where we stand: 


In total 100 pieces of original artwork are required for the completion of the Practical Guide book. To date 80 images have been produced. (This is 40 images ahead of production schedule)

100 pieces of recreated, updated, and revised pieces of artwork are required for the revised version of The Practical guide to Epic campaigns. 0 images have been produced pending the revision version text re-edit.  (This was exactly where we expected to be)

100 NPC Card artworks are required. 0 Images have been produced pending responses from the backers who have bought the Add-on.  (This is exactly where we expected to be at this time). 


Editing of The Practical Guide book - We are draft 6. There are at lease 2 more drafts required before the text edit will be complete. (I had hoped to be on draft 7 at this point but draft 5 required a total addition of 20 000 words, 18 pages removed and nearly 20 pages added). 

Editing of Epic Campaigns - Partially begun. (This is ahead of where I had expected to be as the plan is not to start on this project until Practical Guide is out the gate).


Basic design and concept has been locked down. Final designs pending complete final text draft. (This is where we expected to be.)

Status heading into 2022

Overall, we are ahead on artwork and only slightly behind on editing. I am not concerned for the timelines of the project as part of our process has been revisiting our production methods and we have found a much more efficient method so moving forward in the new year we should be well on our way to finishing slightly ahead of schedule, at this point in time. 

This will be my last planned update for 2021, so from me and the team, I wish you all a festival season full of joy and roleplaying! 



29.11.21 PDF Release Updates
about 2 months ago – Fri, Dec 03, 2021 at 07:07:10 AM

Hello all,

Those of you hoping to receive the PDFs you added on to your pledge may have seen others have got theirs whilst you have not got yours yet. This is our fault, our mail server can only send out 500 email a day before locking down! So we're batching out the emails and expect the full process to complete by Sunday. 

Please be patient and we're working on an alternative system for the next email run. 

Have a great day!